The Perfect Formula For Your Business Profit

Posted By on February 22, 2010

Based On Personal Experience

What about your earnings? Let me put it at $100K per year. Today I’m going to speak about how to save your money while using a website(s) as a business instrument.

What are you thinking about while planning your profit growth? I guess for the overwhelming majority of conscious entrepreneurs Income is the Aim Supreme. That’s okay. And what about coming over the how-to-cutting-down-your-expenses idea?

At the beginning of this post I’ve asked about your earnings. We’ve set it to 100K. Now let me say that your 100K may transform to 150K without increasing the income volume. Unbelievable? But it is the essence. For example, worldwide famous Cirque du Soleil has 3,000 workers that are at saving the company’s money.

The World Financial Crisis stamped a lot of economies and led a lot of companies to “game over” edge. But some of them have been able to avoid it by using expenses cutting strategy.

A few weeks ago I’ve been looking for a website developer who can provide low cost but qualitative and responsible development. I had to get some simple and informative website where I can place some info about my company and some news weekly. There were a lot of suggestions. As a rule they vary from $1.5K to $5K. But what I’ve got eventually? I’ve been shocked!

Somewhere around the network I’ve come over the website of Web Espresso studio that suggests getting a website in a day… Humm… Okay. I’ve asked them about the price and been shocked even more! My website was estimated in $189.

You know, I heard a lot of about some freelancers may offer a website for $500 and after getting prepaid they usually disappear… But within my case the risk turned out to be reasonable. I really got my website at the suggested price and deadline. Moreover, I’ve been provided with some support and FREE SEO analysis! It’s an incredible benefit from my point of view!

Additionally there is free consulting on some issues that may appear while using the website engine (I’m not a very experienced user). Also I’ve been invited to wholesale discounts and rather interesting affiliate program. And while talking with the studio’s personnel (which was rather friendly) I’ve got a real pleasure.

So I guess, saving may become a fun ;)


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  3. Marina-Roma says:

    A rare fiddle, that’s what you found, my friend. I myself stand far from that business, stil’ve heard of cases when personal attitudes made costs come down to $250, still you report something really odd, with all add-ons you got. Congratulations!

  4. Mark says:

    Thanks for this post. Your blog is really good, I hope to read more on this from you.

  5. Status says:

    True! Website soon will be upgraded by web espresso. Great guys. I’ll comment again when all be done.

  6. Roma says:

    really, it’s a very good suggestion! may be the guys from WebEspresso work as volunteers ? :)

  7. Stefan says:

    It’s unbielivable as for me… Is it really so?

  8. Boonzoo says:

    Looks pretty good. I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks for the post!

  9. jucick says:

    Before posting this article I checked several suggestions from different website development providers. Comparing rates and benefits I was convinced once again that all businesses should pay more attention to the costs they pay for website development services. My personal research indicates that well over 35% of businesses pay hundreds in unnecessary and excess fees.